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Product Description

Nature & More grower Iyad Al-Alami grows Barhi dates. Barhi dates, when they are yellow, are in the full mature stage khalal state, which is crunchy. They are available for only a few short weeks (August / mid-September). This is one of the few varieties with a sufficiently low tannin content to be edible in the khalal stage of ripeness. When kept at room temperature they soften into the rutab (soft, sugary) stage although they have a tendency to dry out and shrivel before they transform into rutab if humidity is too low. 

Naturally, the best ripening happens on the palm tree itself. Nobody does it like nature.

Barhi dates can be induced to turn into Rutab by freezing them to below 0 degrees and then thawing them. It is believed that the formation of ice crystals during freezing ruptures the cell walls which provides, Upon thawing, a liberal passage for the enzymes and other constituents of the fruit, accelerating the maturation process manifold. 





Barhi comes from the Arabic word Barh which means hot wind.

Nutrition Information

Dates contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential  for the human body. The date palm is truly a Tree Of Life!

Use Tips

Many people enjoy Barhi dates in the crunchy yellow khalal state. Others prefer to allow them to ripen further or to the "half-half" state. Each has its unique flavor and texture. Nature & More grower Iyad Al-Alami especially enjoys the half-half state which combines the soft sweetness with the not so sweet and crunchy consistency. Children including mine absolutely adore them.



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