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Wild Wonder tomatoes

Wild Wonder tomatoes

Product Description

Wild tomatoes may be distinguished by their unusual shapes, fascinating colours and original taste. They comprise of old, traditional varieties from the U.S., Russia or Mexico, which have stood the test of time.
Most ideally suited for salads or for snacking.
They make an excellent conversation piece in order to talk about preserving the bio-diversity, an important aspect of organic agriculture.

Red Zebra or Tigerella
Red fruits with clearly defined yellow orange stripes originated in the USA. The tomatoes have a rich, tangy flavour. 
Brown Berry
Tomato originating from Russia with firm dark red/brown flesh and full sweet flavour. 
Orange Berry or Karomate
Orange cherry plum tomato, with a very sweet flavour and firm bite. 
Rosa Beere
A pink variety with an excellent taste. This variety is very popular in Japan. 
Red Plum
Ancient specie of plum tomatoes with a soft texture and juicy sweet flavour. 
San Marzano
An Italian sort and the world’s sauciest tomato. Compared to the Roma Tomatoes with which most people are familiar, Marzano tomatoes are thinner and pointier in shape. The flesh is much thicker with fewer seeds, and the taste is much stronger, less sweet and less acidic. 
Snowberry is a rare ancient tomato. The tomatoes are very meaty, have few seeds and feature an extremely mild and very sweet taste. 
Red Berry
This lovely and very rare red-pink tomato variety was first introduced in the 1920’s. It is a lovely sweet tomato that is ideal for slicing or salads. 
Yellow Pear
This famous tomato variety originates from before 19th century and has an excellent colour, unique shape and a luscious taste. 
Green Zebra
Originate in USA in the early eighties, delicious salad tomato with yellow fruits, which ripen with darker green stripes. The light green flesh is very flavourful and sweet. 
Round fruit, larger than a cherry which are wonderfully flavoured; sweet with a refreshing tartness that has a hunt of lemon. 
Santa Orange
A spectacular dense, orange-skinned, cherry plum with high sugar content.


Actually the history of heirloom should be considered the same as the history of the regular tomato. Chewing on a tomato is like chewing on thousands of years of history. Through these years tomatoes appeared in all sizes, colors and tastes you can imagine.

 We should thank the Spanish for introducing the fruit to the world. They had first seen the tomatoes during one of their journeys to South America.

Some years ago just a couple of these more or less forgotten tomatoes were combined. The heirloom tomato as we know it today is born…


Did you know

Garden trials in Australia have shown that they are easy to grow, reliably productive and their pest and disease resistance is just as good as modern varieties.

Heirloom tomato cultivars can be found in a wide variety of colors, shapes, flavors and sizes.

A recent study reported that seven or more servings of raw tomatoes a week reduces the risk of getting stomach, colon, and rectal cancer by sixty percent.


Nutrition Information

Serving size: 100 grams
Calories: 16
Protein: 1.16 grams
Fat: 0.19 grams
Carbohydrate: 3.18 grams

Use Tips

Heirloom tomatoes are a very tasty and attractive decoration for every plate.

You can stuff heirloom tomatoes (the bigger varieties) with cheese for a healthy snack at any time of the day.




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