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Hallo, ik ben Andres Nuñez en ik teel ananas in Costa Rica!
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Hallo, ik ben Andres Nuñez uit Costa Rica en ik teel biologische ananas voor Nature & More. Onze boerderij heet Finca La Virgen. Hartelijk dank voor het kopen van ons fruit!

Onze landerijen liggen in de buurt van het dorpje La Virgen, in een vallei bij de Poas vulkaan. Dit is een actieve vulkaan. Dit gebied heeft veel tropisch regenwoud, doorgeweven met stroompjes en watervallen. De vijf meter regenval per jaar levert bijna al het nodige water. Door de vulkaan is de bodem zeer rijk aan mineralen. Door dit alles is het gebied ideaal geschikt voor biologische ananasteelt.

La Virgen is opgezet in 1991 en is een onderdeel van Dole Organic. Naast ananas hebben we ook wat papaya's. Een deel van de velden ligt langs de rivierbanken, die we recentelijk hebben herbebost met inheemse bomen. We willen met ons bedrijf het goede voorbeeld geven en laten zien dat het heel goed mogelijk is om op commerciële schaal ananas te telen en tegelijk duurzaam om te gaan met de natuur en mensen.

En de smaak?
"Best pineapple ever! In my family we all agree that the pineapple from you was the best we have ever tried. Keep up the good work! Best regards Anders."
Anders Barkholt, Denmark, Nov 22, 2010 12:15 AM

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Avatar door Hilde Van Enis & Belgium op 09-08-2017 16:40

What a great taste!!

Avatar door Martine Delveaux Antwerp, Belgium op 25-06-2017 15:52
Not being such a great lover of pineapple but nevertheless decided to buy one whilst being on a diet and condemned to certain fruits. This was the best decision ever! Never tasted pineapple like this. What a great taste, so sweet and juicy! What a difference to the pineapples from the supermarket!! So glad I discovered this fruit from the Garden of Eden!!
Keep up the good work!!

Warmest regards,


super taste pineapple!

Avatar door Marc from Belgium op 01-06-2017 07:39
Super pineapple. While slicing the pineapple from your farm, I was tasting already and couldn't stop tasting. Great work! Best regards from Marc

tasty pineapple

Avatar door ron Netherlands op 19-02-2017 11:28
thank you for protection a part of your forest, and doing good to mother earth.
hope you will become 100 procent organic in the future!

la piña

Avatar door May Verelst Belgica op 09-10-2016 15:59
he comido la piña bio y estaba muy sabrosa. También muy jugosa.
Estudio español (vivo en Belgica) porque mi hijo vive en España y escribo mi correo en español :-)
Me alegro de que más y más gente cultivar verduras y frutas orgánicas Saben mucho mejor.
¡Gracias por este esfuerzo!


Avatar door Annette van Soest op 17-09-2016 21:52
I bought one of your pineapples. It was full of juice and the tast was delicious.
Thank you,


Avatar door anik monbaliu Belgium op 08-08-2016 14:47
We never tasted better pineapples ! DELICIOUS !!! thanks !

Great Taste

Avatar door Jeroen Nouwens, Netherlands op 16-07-2016 19:50
Excellent pineapples. I do hope that volcano there doesn't become too active :)

Greets from the Netherlands.


Avatar door sabrina schaerlaecken op 26-03-2016 08:37
Hi, I taste your and i must say they taste verry good :-) i just starterd to eat only organic food for my healt and it taste amazing good.

Mechelen Belguim


Avatar door Annemiek Holland op 13-02-2016 16:39
Thank you for THE Nice very sweet pineappel we liked iT very mutch

my pineapple @breakfast

Avatar door Carla De Graef op 20-12-2015 22:32
Dear Andres, I'm a Belgian blogger, who loves a pure life, so I called my blog in Dutch
A few weeks ago I met Voedselteams, so I discovered your pineapple... I had him in my breakfast before a 10k run this morning...with apple and Fairtrade banana, baked in coconutoil. It was an awesome taste..this sweet pineapple! Can't imagine that I will eat others...
So keep up doing the good work!
Best regards, Carla

Nice pineapple

Avatar door Bas, Netherlands op 04-08-2015 09:52
We ate one of your pineapples yesterday, nice taste en very refreshing! Keep up the good work!


Avatar door Andre Teirlinck Belgium op 01-08-2015 08:02
I never tasted a better pineapple. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to buy such a good product. Continue working with nature without destroying the soil and the environment. Thanks God that you give us such farmers. Best regards. Andre

Biologic pineapple

Avatar door Rini Bosschaerts, Belgium op 26-02-2015 13:41
I'm so glad that your pineapple is biologic and fare trade but most of all "always fresh with a lot of juice!"
For me it's really the BEST quality pineapple! Congratulations ! Keep it like that !


Avatar door Jasmine, Brussels op 06-02-2015 15:02
Very nice pineapple, lovely taste! Glad to support your project..

your pineapples

Avatar door rifka,amsterdam Netyherlands op 29-01-2015 22:07
I have been eating biological dynamic (organic) for over 30 years. One thing that I've missed is delicious tropical fruit. Now that I've discovered your biological pineapples, I'm enjoying them immensely. Great work. And the price is very reasonable. I appreciate that as well because I live on a low budget income. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

Your pineapple

Avatar door Rosa Wijnstok, Netherlands op 12-11-2014 17:44
Thank you for growing these very good pineapples!

Pineapple Andres Nuñez

Avatar door Martine op 10-11-2014 11:53
Thanks for making us tasting "real flavor" !!! Superdelicious ! We want more !

pineapple yummie!

Avatar door Dana Belgium op 31-08-2014 15:56
Love the pineapple! I am so glad that you protect nature at all times! Thank you for the delicious snack.


Avatar door jaap huvers op 27-08-2014 14:19
I certainly will search for this fine product of your farm.
Did not know yet that in Costa Rica there were farms for this wnderful product.
So far, I only visited the also DOLE farms of Hawai. Good luck !!!


Avatar door Dorka Tihanyi op 18-08-2014 16:33
It was a delicious pineapple. I could eat it without getting blisters in my mouth, that was amazing. I wonder how this is possible.
All the best for the future,
Dorka Tihanyi, Amsterdam

fantastic pineapple

Avatar door T.M. Bevers op 13-08-2014 20:55
thank you for growing such lovely pineapples. i must say i have had quite some bland organic pineapples, but this one was truly marvellous. my one year old son had pineapple for the first time, and loved it! wish you all the best and hope your company continues to flourish.


Avatar door Joy Boelens op 09-08-2014 16:19
Hello Andres and all of your workers and colleagues,

The pineapple was absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for helping it grow and getting it sent to Holland, where I bought it at the Ekoplaza in Alkmaar.

Greetings from Joy from the Netherlands


Avatar door Jacob Schoemaker Netherlands op 28-07-2014 20:35
My son works at Aosta Waddinxveenin the Netherlands as sales manager and he brought me one of your organic pineapples.
We have tasted this and this is one of the best pineapples i have taste in years.
I, myself have worked over 32 years in the fruit bissines.

No allergic reaction anymore !

Avatar door Leo, the Netherlands op 21-07-2014 11:09
Hi Andres and other people from Corsicana!
The pineapple we bought was very good, just as a lot of other people already mentioned.
Some time ago we found that my wife got an allergic reaction after eating some 'normal' pineapple pieces. She thought that eating fresh pineapple would be a no-go-area for her in future. We tried it with a good Corsicana pineapple and there was no allergic reaction at all. From now on only Corsicana pineapples for us !!!

Delicious pineapple

Avatar door Jasper from The Netherlands op 12-07-2014 12:37
Hi Andres!

The pineapple from your farm was absolutely delicious! The great taste instantly reminded me of my visit to Costa Rica in 2007, which is by far the most beautiful country I've ever seen!
Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Greetings from The Netherlands!


Avatar door Christine Antwerp/Belgium op 27-06-2014 14:03
your pineapples are verry tasty and I enjoyed it a lot!
greetings Christine (14 years old)

bought your pineapple

Avatar door Kathleen Belgium op 21-06-2014 15:35
Hello, I bought one of your pineapples and it is worth paying something more for it .Really great taste. Juicy. I continue buying only this one. Nice website. And I also wish to congratulate Costa Rica football team for scoring in Brasil 2014!


Avatar door Marry Barrett & the Netherlands op 06-05-2014 13:21
Hello Andres,

Thank you very much for your lovely pineapple.
We enjoyed eating it.

Thank You!

Avatar door Jolande Raats, Holland op 21-03-2014 18:16
For me, it was realy extra value to my pineapple to have seen your farm.
Keep up the good work;-)


Avatar door Familie Dost op 20-11-2013 20:40
De lekkerste en sappigste ananas die we ooit gegeten hebben.


Avatar door marijke van der heiden op 13-10-2013 15:28
Ik heb uw ananas gegeten en wat was deze heerlijk. Ik heb deze helemaal opgegeten in 1 keer; zo lekker!
Ik hoop meer keren van uw ananas te kunnen genieten. Uw product verdient een dikke 9!!


Avatar door Marion desde Holanda op 06-09-2013 15:22
Como fan de Costa Rica, desde 1990, y apenas regresado de un viaje en tu linda pais, estoy con mucha felicidad que usted produce piñas biologicos y fairtrade. Conosco el gran problema de la continamicion en el produsca de piñas y bananos y por eso te felicito hacerlo diferente y con mas respeto al humao y la naturaleze.
Felicidades. Voy a contar a todos mis amigos Costaricenses que ustedes excuisten. Es posible para los Ticos comprar piñas y otros frutas posiblemente donde su finca?


Avatar door Petra op 31-07-2013 21:35
Very good pineapple, very good and beautiful taste, very juicy, very natural! Keep up the good work! Thank you!


Avatar door Rinske Molenaar Nedereland op 10-07-2013 21:33
Een heerlijke zoete ananas met een pure smaak. Voor mij is net zo belangrijk dat hij duurzaam geteeld en fairtrade is.
Bedankt en heel vel succes! Ik ga voor een volgende heerlijke ananas Groet Rinske


Avatar door steven belgium op 24-03-2013 19:32
super lekkere annanas ooit, en een prachtig project, proficiat om onze wereld beter te maken

pineapple transport

Avatar door birgit belgium op 23-02-2013 12:56
Can you please tell me how the pineapples reaches us in Belgium? Is it by boat or plane?


Avatar door Editor Nature & More op 25-02-2013 15:29
Dear Birgit, thank you for your question. Our pineapples are always transported to Europe by boat. 99% of all Nature & More fruit & vegetables from overseas are transported by boat. Best regards, Nature & More.


Avatar door M Wareman-Piekaar op 29-12-2012 13:26
Ik geniet iedere keer als ik deze ananas eet. In vergelijking met andere ook biologische ananas is dit de zoetste en sappigste. Heeeeerlijk.


Avatar door Rita Verryckt Zoersel Belgium op 13-12-2012 10:48
Thanks for the best pineapple i ever eat. I hope i can buy them still for a long time .


Avatar door Maria, Países Bajos op 12-12-2012 00:38
Como me han gustado las piñas suyas, Luis! Qué rico el sabor, y no me salió una reacción alérgica que de vez en cuando me toca después de comer una piña. Felicitaciones!


Avatar door Cornelis Peters op 16-09-2012 20:09
thank you for all your effords on growing these delicious pineapples for us!

Happy Pineapple

Avatar door Rianne Dekker, The Hague op 27-08-2012 19:27
Very pleased with the initiative of natureandmore: to be able to learn about the grower! I've been in Costa Rica and I know exactly where Corsicana is located! :)
I'm definitely gonna keep up buying your pineapples Luis; as long as possible at least! Kind regards, Rianne

onze annanas

Avatar door Eefje Brandt op 26-08-2012 19:18
See english version below
wij vinden onze ananas lekker hij was zeer sappig heel zacht van smaak en was heel rap op
We enjoyed eating the delicious pineapple: a very smooth and juicy taste.

groetjes Eefje


Avatar door Charlotte Nuijten op 22-08-2012 16:02
Nice to be able to see where the pineapple I bought today comes from!


Avatar door Marielle van der Zon, Netherlands op 20-08-2012 18:17
good taste, good principle, good future for our planet


Avatar door Ria Fongers op 04-07-2012 10:32
Indeed you produce the best pineapple ever!! Wish you lots of success with your work!


Avatar door Marianne Lucardie ,Netherlands op 30-04-2012 08:15
Congratulations with your wonderful plantation! We are very happy that you do so much for our beautiful Mother Earth.
The pineapple we bought was great, it tasted like a pineapple should taste.
Keep up the good work, and I hope to buy a lot more of your pineapples!
Best regards,

excellent pineapple

Avatar door Daniël Slock op 07-04-2012 11:56
hello everyone, we are since more than 15 years client from organizations who are distributing BIO-fruit and vegatabels for particuliers. Excuse me for my faults in this text!
The pinapple we received was the best we ever eat, it tasted sweet and the constitution of te meat was juicy and wonterfull
flavored. To reduce the sweetness , we added some vanilla icecream, it compaires heavenly.
Thank you all for the efforts you all make to keep a good respect for the nature as it gives us the opportunity to preserve the planet earth. Kind regards.


Avatar door Agnes Hoekstra op 28-03-2012 12:47
Hello. We also receive a bio-fruit package every week and last week your pineapple was in the bag. It tasted so good!
Keep up the good work. I have taken a look at the trailer film of your company and I was very impressed.
Regards from the Netherlands

fam. Hoekstra


Avatar door Maria Massa, Ghent Belgium op 21-03-2012 22:31
We were very happy to receive a Bio organic ananas in our Bio-fruit package ( we are member of a Bio-food organization).We have wait a few days before eating it because we wanted to be sure it was ready to eat. It was very nice inside when cutting it open but unfortunately we missed the sweetnes in the taste of the ananas. Anyhow we can imagine that sometimes products differs from another time so we are waiting for our next ananas and hope to have sweet one!
Kind regards


Avatar door Alex van Erp op 22-03-2012 09:37
Dear Maria,
Sorry to hear that the pineapple wasn't as tasty as you expected. Nature is sometimes unpredictable. We will contact you to send you a normal good one!
Alexis, Nature & MOre


Avatar door kristien van heyst op 16-01-2012 11:25
we love your ananas , it's probably the best we ever tasted.and also we like the possibility to know more over the grower and the way your ananas is growing

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