Nature and more strives to continually increase transparency, mutual awareness and shared responsibility of all stakeholders in the food supply chain with regards to food quality, ecology and social justice.

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Thank you

Thank you Aleksandr for this information.

I am sure, there is truth behind what you are saying here, no matter what nature & more is responding to you because Dole has many different branches.

Only real solution is to avoid all exotic fruits and grow fruits and vegetables him/herself.
Daniela France - 28 Aug 2016


Fresh and very sweet
Vibeke Pold - 28 Aug 2016

My first pineapple ever

Imagine, that I have never purchased a whole pineapple in my life. Only the ones in tin cans. I have recently become very enthusiastic about making green juices with a juice machine, so that is why I purchased one pineapple as a test. And it happened to be yours. From YouTube I saw instructions to peel a pineapple and I was amazed to taste the real taste of a pineapple. So thank you!
Kimmo Saarikko Finland - 27 Aug 2016

found your kode on my kiwi

Thank you for the tasty kiwi. Keep on!
Iris, Germany, Munich - 26 Aug 2016


Guten Tag,
wir haben in Brandenburg eine Fläche von zirka 70.000m² mit Fernwärmemöglichkeit uns wollen fragen ob hier eventuell ein Investment in Frage kommen könnte?
Höre gerne von Ihnen und verbleibe
mit den besten Grüßen, Gerhard Brunner
Gerhard Brunner - 25 Aug 2016