Nature and more strives to continually increase transparency, mutual awareness and shared responsibility of all stakeholders in the food supply chain with regards to food quality, ecology and social justice.

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Thanks for visiting us! On this website you can enjoy virtual farm tours and learn more about the stories and ideas behind Nature & More's organic fruits and vegetables. If you have purchased a product with a code, go ahead and enter it above. Otherwise, have a look around and enjoy our website!

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Nice balance

Great tasting pineapple. Sweet with a nice balance of acidity.
Meg, UK - 29 Jul 2016


Excellent ananas aussi bien pour préparer un smoothie qu'à manger tranché...
C'est vraiment agréable d'avoir un contact avec le producteur, de savoir où et dans quelles conditions l'ananas a poussé.
Puissent tous ces actions respectueuses de la nature, protéger et réparer notre planète!
Merci Andres!
Laurence France - 29 Jul 2016


Good morning Mr.Daldal, I live in Florida United States and I was checking in the website thru ebay for different variety of pommegranate, and them I found your variety, well we are a little far away,but it doesnt mean that in the near future maybe you can send some of your seeds and will taste a piece of Turkey thru your fruit.Congratulation for your sucess Pedro if you want to send some of your delicious fruit seed Here is my address. Pedro Gonzalez 1 Glen Royal Parkway apto#813 Miami Fla.33125
Pedro Gonzalez - 28 Jul 2016


Big thanks from France ! Delicious ANANAS !
Pierre Spaeth - 27 Jul 2016

Organic Kiwis

We have an old neighbour who refers to organically grown food as 'muck'. We point out to her that she was brought up on organic 'muck'! That her generation only ate such food before the oil and chemical companies started pushing their products after the Second World War and that before that food had been relatively free of adulteration. Those multinationals pushed the phony 'Green Revolution' which fed fewer and poisoned the soil. Good Luck with your venture and the kiwis were lovely!
Michael MacGregor Dundee Scotland - 23 Jul 2016