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Hi, my name is Johan Beckers, founder and owner of Andes Expert. Together with a group of local farmer we grow organic physalis for Nature & More in Colombia.

I started Andes Fruit in 1999.  From the outset it was important for me to supply natural and “clean” products free from substances that are unhealthy for the farm workers and consumers. As a result of this goal we were became the first Colombian supplier to receive the EUREPGAP certificate in 2012. Following a discussion with Eosta, we started focusing on organic, “social responsible” fruit. 

Physalis are berries weighing between 4 – 6 grams with a very specific, aromatic taste.  Physallis are very healthy berries because they contain a natural anti oxidant called Cryptoxanthine.  Furthermore the berries have their own form of packaging in the form of delicate, almost translucent leaves. The fruit is eaten fresh like a cherry but it can also be used to make jam or juice.  Another common name for Physalis is Cape Gooseberry.

Growing Physalis is very labour intensive. The physalis hedges grow on moist fields and the best results are achieved using mulching .. a very natural form of composting that keeps the soil moist and enriched through cover crops and organic waste material. Growing physalis organically means a more harmonious relationship  with the environment. This natural balance respecting all forms of biodiversity is extremely important for us.


Interview with Johan Beckers of Andes Fruit

N&M: “Johan, how did you get involved in Physalis?”
Johan: “Firstly I love exotic fruits.  Secondly the Colombian physalis is a wonderful and healthy product that can easily be grown without chemicals.  Thirdly, I realized that there must be a market for these delicious fruits in Europe and the U.S.

N&M: “And what made you decide to switch to organic production?”
Johan: “Volkert Engelsman of Eosta convinced me that this step is very logical. More and more growers are now organic and things are going very well”

N&M: “What do you like most about your job?”
Johan: “Beeing a pioneer  !  Falling and getting up, losing and not giving up, the constant challenges!”

N&M: “Johan, what makes your company so special?”
Johan: “We like to do things in an innovative way .. to do things differently .. we do not want to follow others.  That gives us energy  which is necessary because it is not always easy to get things done in this part of the world.  We want to guarantee fair and safe working conditions.  In this part of the world this is unfortunately not very common.

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  • 6 years 8 months ago

    Hello, please, guide me, which variety is the best in the taste of physalis and where to get the seed. Thank you so much.

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Hello, please, guide me, which variety is the best in the taste of physalis and where to get the seed. Thank you so much.

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