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Thank you for buying our organic sweet potatoes. Our company, based in the beautiful Copán valley in Honduras was founded in 2006

We are brother and sister and come from a farming family that have farmed in this region for many years. This area is also known for the ancient Mayan civilization which was ruled by a dynasty of 16 kings between roughly A.D. 426 and 820. Today we are growing both conventional and organic sweet potatoes in the rich Mayan soil.

We work with the local community and are proud of the fact that 80% of our employees are woman. We specifically want to employ woman because in this part of the world they are particularly vulnerable. The income they earn not only helps support their families but has a positive impact on the whole community. The sweet potato is growing in popularity not only because it is delicious and easy to prepare but also exceptionally healthy. Furthermore, with a growing global population the sweet potato is seen as a perfect product which provides a healthy diet and can feed a lot of people, due to its quite simple growing conditions.


Can you explain why you decided to start with organic production ?
The main reason why we did this is because we listen to the market.  More and more people are choosing organic products because they are concerned about their health.  We not only see this movement towards more natural products, we want to be part of it.

Is it more difficult to grow organic sweet potatoes ?
It has definitely been more challenging from the start to the finish of the production cycle. Instead of chemicals we now have to work with natural biological control methods.  It is a fascinating process where we are constantly learning from mother nature.

What do you like most about sweet potatoes ?
The taste, I like them as “patatas” or puree. 

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1 Cent for the Future

We want to thank you for buying our organic sweet potatoes and pumpkins  particularly because through your purchase you are directly supporting the children in our community.  Let me explain, here in Honduras a large percentage of the population do not have access to clean water and a nutritious meal and as always it is the children and women that suffer the most.  That is why, together with you, we are ensuring nutritious school meals are served at local schools.  Therefore, on behalf of all the children, their parents, the growers and the whole community we want to send out a big thank you to everyone who bought our sweet potatoes and pumpkins.




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