In the Chanchamayo province of Peru, Aldo Ramirez of the company Nativa grows ginger and curcuma at an altitude of around 1000 m, in a region covered by lush green rainforests. Aldo’s grandfather was an orange and coffee farmer in this area and Aldo’s father followed his example and continued with growing oranges.


Aldo explains that the soil in this region is very rich and has an excellent drainage capacity which is especially useful as they receive a lot of rain. When answering the question why the family chose to grow organic, Aldo particularly remembers an inspiring story about his grandfather: “Many years ago my grandfather met an agronomist who advised him to use all kinds of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and promised him bumper crops and mountains of gold. My dad was still young then and wanted to help his father so he bought all the chemicals and brought them to my grandfather’s farm. A few months later we visited my grandfather and he told us he had used everything. Strangely enough my dad noticed that all the barrels and bags were hidden behind my grandfather’s house and that he didn’t used any of it. “Why didn’t you use the materials I bought for you?” he asked. My grandfather replied “Because it will harm the soil”. My grandfather, like many elderly farmers in this region, see the soil as a living being. It was a wise lesson for me and my father and due to this attitude our family farm has always been chemical free!”    

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To learn more about this grower click here.

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