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Hi, my name is Erik Lanser and we grow a variety of different organic mushrooms here in Zwaanshoek in the Noord Holland province.

Mushrooms grow very well in the dark and that is why we grow them in special cells with the light off… which saves energy !  Many people think that we grow mushrooms in the dark so that they keep their wonderful white colour but that’s not the case .. light is not important .. that’s all. The mushrooms grow on a bed of organic compost made of straw, manure and a natural plaster.  On top of this compost a layer of soil is added. The compost also contains mushroom spores which in Dutch we call “broed”. After about one week the mushrooms start to grow. One week later we can start picking.  All the picking is done by hand and is spread out over three different flights.  During each of these flights we pick the mushrooms that have the right size and quality. The fresh picked product goes into the special mushroom trays, are cooled and are then shipped to our customers. That is why you get such a wonderful fresh product !

Interview with Erik Lanser, organic mushroom grower

N&M: Erik, can you tell us something about the history of  your business?
Erik: “Champignonkwekerij Lanser was set up by my father in the early eighties.  In 1994 I took over and three years later switched to organic production. My religious roots and beliefs tell me to take care of the earth  upon which we live and organic agriculture for me is the best guarantee for a clean world and healthy products”.

N&M: What makes Champignonkwekerij Lanser so special?
Erik: “Love and attention! We are not very large and are proud that we supply high quality, delicious products.  Mushrooms are popular not only because of their unique taste but also because they are very nutritious.  They are therefore ideal for thousands of different dishes and fit into every possible diet.
The reason why customers particularly love organic mushrooms is because they have a stronger taste and a firmer structure.  This is because in organic production less water is being used. Furthermore, organic growers refrain from using chloride in the water and that is one of the reasons why the taste is so pure.

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