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Hi, my name is Fernando Salas and together with my brother Jorge, a motivated team and local growers we produce organic ginger and turmeric in the heart of Peru, in an area we call “Selvas Central”.  Many thanks for buying our products.


Our primary goals is to grow products in harmony and with respect for nature, the soil and the whole environment.  Furthermore, we want to ensure a solid sustainable income for the 60 smallholder growers we work with. From the outset in 2014 the Sade organic team has tried to be involved at every level of the production process including the sourcing of the right plant material, enriching the soil, feeding the plants, harvesting, packing, storing and shipping. 

Interview with Fernando

What makes Sade Organic so unique ?

Fernando: I believe that our integrated approach makes us unique.  Developing the local agriculture in a sustainable manner and at the same time developing the market for healthy products. To be successful you have to be involved throughout the supply chain and build strong relationships with your partners. 

What does organic mean to you personally ?

Fernando: We are convinced that products that are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides have the capability to use the natural dynamic power that nature offers. Furthermore these sustainable methods fit the local culture here and ensures that the land will continue to produce healthy, delicious products in long term. At the end of the day that benefits everyone.

Which obstacles did you face in your organic endeavours?

Fernando: Organic is a constant learning process for us.  Most important is to adhere to the organic principles and methods for a healthy production.  We focus on training and controlling the growers as well as finding new innovative, organic solutions for new issues that we are confronted with.

What are you specifically proud of?

Fernando: I am very proud that we can have a direct positive impact not only on the lives of our growers but particularly with regard to our staff in the processing plant.  Let me explain, in this area the two biggest social problems we are encountering are poverty and domestic violence.  By specifically employing woman we want to address both these issues.  Apart from providing our employees (of which 70% are woman) an income and a safe place to work, we also have a day care center where the children (up to four years old) can play under the supervision of two trained teachers.  Furthermore, to address the domestic violence issue we organize workshops and presentations to teach the woman that they are strong themselves and do not need to accept this horrible mental, physical and sexual abuse.

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