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Hi, my name Gabriela Naranjo Ureña and I represent Coopeassa which is a cooperative producing a wide range of organic products including coffee and turmeric. Thanks for buying our products. 

The Coopeassa was founded in 1984 when 20 local producers decided to work closely together to tackle problems and improve the living environments of their families.  In the 90’s due to serious deforestation issues that Costa Rica was facing at the time, a special international project was set up to reforest around 2000 hectares with native trees. The cooperative got involved and it was this development that laid the foundations of the business culture of Coopeassa. From then on, any project that was being conducted had to always carry the environmental component.

The first developments towards organic farming practices started in 2007 and in 2010 the cooperative started producing and roasting organic coffee beans.

Interview with Gabriela

N&M: Were you always convinced that switching to organic farming practices was the right way forward?
Gabriela:  To be honest, when I started organic I was sceptical as to whether we would be able to give enough nutrition to our soils. After 10 years of working with this system however, I am amazed with the results we are getting on our farms.

N&M: Looking back, what do you enjoy most?
Gabriela:  Since I started organic my family and myself have been able to enjoy going together to the field and not worrying of any chemicals affecting my family.

N&M: Why are so many growers in this region farming organically?
Gabrielle: Most of the producers start organic production because they see the organic coffee plantations of their neighbours. They visit the cooperative to find out why their coffee plantations look so good and fruitful. Once they hear the reason they are convinced that organic is the way forward.

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