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Hi, we are Jan and Eelkjen Bruinsma and together with our children and a small team, we grow organic Brussel sprouts in the north of The Netherlands for Nature & More.

Our farm with 50 hectares borders the coastline in a region called the Waddensee which recently received the prestigious “most beautiful nature reserve of The Netherlands” award.   Not only is the region exceptionally beautiful here but it is also very clean as there is little traffic and always a pleasant sea breeze blowing over the fields.  Although it is a little colder here than average, due to the wind and the excellent soil we are able to grow premium organic vegetables.

We have been working organically since 1999 and although that is quite a while ago we are still learning every day.  For us, as with other organic farmers, it is all about a healthy vibrant soil.  The larger variety of organisms in the soil the better and that is why we work with a 1 – 9 crop rotation system.  That means apart from Brussel sprouts we also grow seed potatoes, broccoli, carrot, red onion, beans, shallots, summer oats, peas, celeriac and grass clover.  The grass clover not only allows the soil to rest but it helps build organic matter and binds nitrogen to the soil all of which is helping stimulate soil life.

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