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Hello, my name is Javier Sotomayor and I grow organic kiwi’s, blueberries and apples together with my colleagues at Huerto la Brisa, for Nature & More in Chile. Thank you for buying our products, we are delighted to show you our company through the Nature & More website.

We are a company dedicated to the cultivation of fresh fruit and processed. Our business started in the 90s, due to the good weather conditions and the good quality of the soil in the area where we are located. We also produce processed foods from fruit and vegetables, such as purees or frozen products. We have been producing organic fruits for export for more than 8 years, an industry in which we strongly believe.

Our organic kiwifruit, blueberry and apple plantations are located in the Maule region of Chile. We are located in an area near Lake Colbún, a privileged zone for organic agriculture, with very good soil, water springs and in a valley of great amplitude, which allows an excellent fruit quality and color.


Interview with Javier

N&M: Why did you make the choice to grow organic?
We believe that the world should work towards a healthy diet with less use of all kinds of chemicals. In 2013, we realised that organic production could bring us great benefits, not only in terms of exports but also in protecting our land and environment in future. When we saw how this development in Europe and North America kept growing, we wanted to enter into an adventure and decided to go organic as well.

N&M: What do you like most about your job?
What I like most about my work is the constant challenge of working in direct contact with nature. Nature always presents new challenges.

N&M: Do you have any plans to increase sustainability even further?
We are always evaluating how we can further improve our farming practices and how we can take better care for our organic crops. One example is the use of renewable energy to supply water to our irrigation system.

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