José Carlos da Cruz Andrade


Hi, my name is José Carlos da Cruz Andrade and together with a great team, we grow organic limes and avocado’s here in Brazil. Thank you for buying our fruit!

The love for agriculture comes from my father and mother who taught me how to work on the fields.  Back in 1978 I started planting vegetables myself but at that time I was using a lot of different pesticides also in our lime orchards.  When I started harvesting the first limes they were the worst limes I had seen in my life.  Therefore, during the next flowering, I didn’t use pesticides and the limes came out clean and beautiful. Never again did I use these chemicals. In 2000, our clients and partners said that, since we didn’t use pesticides, we should go after the organic certification and so we listened to them and we became organic certified. Today, my family is also involved in the business with the second and third generations actively involved in our company.


Interview with José Carlos

What do you see as the benefits of organic farming ?
Organic farming respects nature and is concerned about the health of people, animals and plants. We see organic farming as the best way of producing food respectfully, especially because we have the tradition of caring about people around us, our employees and the environment.

What do you like most about your work?
I like everything about my work, but especially producing fruits that do not harm the environment and giving jobs to many people. It is about respect and I also consider that respect as the most important part of my work and I try to pass this on to everyone who works in the company.

Can you tell something about the region where your farm is located?
We are close to São Paulo, but very much in the countryside where there is long history of growing oranges dating right back to when the first European immigrants arrived. The region has very fertile soils and is located at an altitude of 600 meters. The rain season is from December to May. In the area there are small towns around all of which very much depend on agribusiness.


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