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Hi, we are Juanjo Cruz and Fina Figueredo and we grow bell peppers, cucumbers and wild cucumbers in Spain. Our family company is called Biomar. We started certified organic growing some ten years ago. Our motivation was (and still is) that we want to take care of this planet properly and take our responsibility for the environment.

About three years ago, we have started to pack our products on our own farm, on a small scale. Today we own a warehouse of about 700 m2 where we receive our products, pack them, and meet all requirements for handling to their final destination. At the moment we have 15 hectares of cucumber and 3 hectares of red and yellow peppers, employing 15 persons for the warehouse and the greenhouses. Together with Eosta we decided to start growing organic wild cucumbers. 

As Biomar we are a young, dynamic company that is looking towards the future with a lot of ambition and aims to improve every day.


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