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Bio Litoral de Nijar

Hi, my name Luis Moreno Ruiz and together with my wife Pilar Alonso Cañadas and a small, motivated team, we produce organic zucchini (courgette) and watermelons here in sunny Spain.

We are based in Nijar (near Almería), in the heart of the national park of Cabo de Gata, which not only has beautiful natural scenery, but is also the perfect "uncontaminated" region to grow fruits and vegetables. We have been growing zucchini and watermelon for over 20 years and are very much committed to these delicious products. Through this focus and the commitment of our team we are able to develop our business steadily. In the year 2000 we switched to organic agriculture.  Today our company is based upon two solid pillars namely service and quality.


N & M: Why did you decide to switch to organic agriculture ?
Luis: Organic agriculture just feels right .. it fits better with our way of thinking about the environment and mankind.  Since switching to organic and having all the right certificates we work according to the organic philosophy of respect for the environment and the plant.

N&M: Was the process easy ?
Luis: Not at all, it was in fact very difficult and a long and hard learning process.  In the beginning we lost a lot of our crop to diseases that we could not spray against.  Through trial and error with organic practices and selecting the right varieties we were able to develop a solid, healthy organic business that is founded on innovation and flexibility.

N&M: What are you most proud about?
Luis: We are very proud of the fact that we are more than just a company producing organic zucchini and watermelon.  It is more a lifestyle that includes the whole family. 

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