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Hi, we are Manolo and Alejandro and together with 5 other organic blueberry growers we represent Bio Aroche. Thank you for buying our blueberries, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Aroche is based in the Huelva region in southern Spain near the famous city of Sevilla.  This region is particularly well known for strawberry production but it is also ideal to grow organic blueberries.  Our fields are located in a valley at 600m above sea level which is perfect because we do not only get enough rainfall  but also the right mix of warm day and cold night temperatures.  Furthermore  the soil in this area is perfect for blueberries, so we have to use very few inputs and still get a good and constant quality. It’s all about choosing the right crop with the right type of soil!


Nature & More: Why did you choose organic farming ?

Alejandro: “I will be honest with you,  I never chose organic farming.  I just continued to farm as my parents and grandparents have always done.  In 2014 I got an official document meaning I could sell my blueberries as organic . 

Nature & More: Can you describe your farm ?

Alejandro: “We split our activities in two, for half the year we focus on our cattle, goats and sheep and the other half on these delicious little berries.  We  now have 8000 plants but expect to double that in the coming year.

Nature & More: I see you are using special uplifted soil bedding for your blueberry plants, can you tell us what that is for ?

Alejandro: “The roots of the blueberry plants  are fleshy and grow very deep.  By planting them in this compost soil enriched bedding we can ensure the plants stay healthy.  Furthermore, the plastic wrapped bedding protects the roots from flooding, erosion and weeds.

What is your ambition ?

For me it is important that our organic blueberry business will provide work and income for my children and grandchildren. As you know the economic crisis  has had a devastating effect on Spain and there is a lot of unemployment.  I think it is fantastic that by working in harmony with nature, as my forefathers did, we are now able to provide a livelihood for future generations.

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