Hi, I am Moise and I run an organic pineapple plantation in the “Banoua lagoon region” in the southern part of the Ivory Coast. This beautiful area is where most of the pineapples are grown. We would like to thank you for buying our pineapples.

Our story starts with some very old palm trees.  These trees were milked in order to provide a special juice (Bangui) which is very popular in this community.  Unfortunately, the palms were neglected and died and that provided us with an opportunity to start growing pineapple plants and new young palm trees. 

I am particularly proud of the fact that we are showing that sustainable social agriculture is the way forward and of course that our organic “Bonoua” pineapples taste so great !

Why did you choose to go organic ?
The main reason why we chose to go organic were 1. Health .. that of the consumer and everyone working in the fields and 2. Because we are extremely motivated to show that sustainable social agriculture is the way forward in this region.

What were the biggest challenges?
The two main challenges were adapting our methods and attaining the official organic certification.  It was very tough and that is why we are so proud that we succeeded first time round !

What do you like about your work ?
Supplying fruits that meet the demands of our customers

What are the advantages of organic agriculture ?
Apart from the health benefits the main advantage is that this form of agriculture protects the biodiversity and offers a long term sustainable business partnership whereby everyone wins.


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