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Hi, my name is CMN Shastry and I am the founder and Chairman of Phalada Agro Research Foundations Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore, India.  Thank you for buying our organic curcuma. 

Phalada was established in 1999 in the Karnataka province in the South of India. With the vision of helping the farmer community, we decided to go down the “organic road” with providing end to end solution in organic farming. The farmers wanted to break out of a downward spiral where dangerous pesticides and artificial fertilizers were not giving the promised results.  Together, we quickly realized that the answer was a completely different form of agriculture, one that focuses on healthy soils and healthy future generations.  

When switching to organic, our farmers were faced with two important challenges. 1. Getting a good yield and 2. Fetching a decent price for their produce. Firstly when it came to getting a good yield, we spent years of painstaking research and development and with the latest organic technology, we were able to offer the best possible enriched vermicompost technology,  liquid based bio fertilizers,  Bio pest controllers focusing on soil conditioning, nutritional management, and pest & disease control to our farmers.  Once we had helped our organic farmers with producing top class organic certified food ingredients, we found customers around the world that were willing to buy them. By connecting the farmers with the end consumer in a transparent way we were able to set up a sustainable business model which allowed everyone to continue to grow and develop. We believe in Fair Trade and we practice this throughout our supply chain. We ensure that the farmers are always paid a Fair Price for their produce. Today we work with over 1400 farmers all over India in the different geographical zones and employ 350 workers ( the majority of them are female) at our Processing unit.


What is Phalada’s biggest strength?
Our strength has always been our network of farmers and the bond that we share with them. Right from assisting them in seed procurement, soil conditioning to harvesting and storage, we guide them at every step with the best processes available. This strong relationship is a win-win for everyone.

Apart from Tumeric, what do the farmers grow?
We encourage them to grow short term spices, medicinal & aromatic crops as an intercrop with buy back arrangement. This has created a big impact on their income & livelihood due to additional funds coming out of the same small holding.  Given our network of farmers spread across India, in varied climatic conditions, this also gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of more than 100 different products to our customers.

What about transparency?
From the onset, we have been firm believers of transparency. Being involved in the entire supply chain also gives us the opportunity to link up farmers with the customers. Most of our customers visit our farmers every year and they now know each other by their first names! This level of transparency has ensured our customers understand the challenges of farmers better and also the positive impact  organic farming has on their lives

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    I would like to meet you and planning for serious involvement in sustainable agriculture.

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I would like to meet you and planning for serious involvement in sustainable agriculture.

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