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My name is Patrick Wainaina and I am the CEO of Jungle Macs in Thika, Kenya. Thank you for buying our organic avocado’s.

Our organic Avocado network consists of 15 000 growers who we were originally purchasing Macadamia nuts from.  Since many of the growers also had avocado trees, we decided to expand further and start purchasing the avocados from them as well. This expansion has been well received by the growers and has had a positive economical impact not only our growers, but also for the whole community as well as people employed by Jungle Macs.

As Jungle our motto is Dedication, Honesty and Efficiency. This means we put in our best effort to support the growers, from supplying them with seedlings, helping them with certification, capacity building and also making sure we do not just take the good quality fruit for export, but we maximize their value by purchasing the bad quality fruit which we use for oil production as well. Through close cooperation, mutual understanding and a innovative mobile e-buy system, we have built a unique and strong relationship between us, our growers and our communities.

Interview with Patrick Wainaina

What got you involved in farming?
Jungle has been in existence for 10 years, it started off from the bottom with me travelling out to the fields, purchasing macadamia nuts from the growers, cracking them and processing them for export without any machinery. The more people bought, the more motivated to expand the growers were, and I realized that through this, we were creating more jobs. This philosophy is what has made us expand to where we are now. And we say it in all we do, “Buy Kenyan by choice, create more jobs”. Now we are working with our growers on different fronts, Macadamia, Cashews, Coffee and of course, Avocado.

Why did you shift to organic?
It was largely motivated by what fertilizer and chemicals are doing to the soils, reducing yields for farmers. Also, the water was being polluted by agro-chemicals. A lot of people here take water for daily usage from natural water sources, animals drink from them, and children also play and swim in these same waters. During rainy season the chemicals are washed into the water sources, thereby contaminating them and putting people’s lives in danger. This was a big problem and going organic seemed to be a viable option to ensure the safety of both people and animals. Moreover, through going organic, the growers could receive up to 3 times more than they were getting from conventional. And this was also a strong motivational factor.

Is your family also involved?
My family is very much involved, and it changes the dynamics of the business when you have your family backing you in full support. My wife is Chief Operations Officer of Jungle, my two children are actively involved in the running of the company and my sister is Avocado Manager, she has close ties to the our Head of Field operations, and our growers. This helps us all wake up with one motivation, to make a difference by creating jobs in our community.

What do you like most about your work?
Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as our quality of life and our community changes for the better economically, socially and also environmentally as a result of the work we are doing.

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1 Cent for the future

Our biggest contribution to the local community is the fact that we are creating new, sustainable jobs but that is not  all.  We are running special programs focusing on environmental, schooling, community and health programs. Through the Nature & More 1 cent for the future campaign we are supporting the Jungle Afya Home Based Health Care project whereby we are funding trained nurses to visit the ill that are unable to make it to the clinics.  By buying our avo’s, you are having a direct positive impact on this vulnerable group. Therefore we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts ! 

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