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Hi, my name is Pia Gamboa from Origo, thank you for buying our organic Physalis. The physalis we supply you comes from Finca Santa Cecilia, a small 11 hectare family farm owned farm.  The farm is located in Santa Maria de Dota one of the most important coffee producing regions in Costa Rica. 


Apart from coffee, you can also find a lot of apples, plums, avocado’s peaches and tourists here! The tourists love this region due to its pristine beauty, clean rivers and rich history.
Finca Santa Cecilia is an integrated farm that has animals and grows more than 30 different fruits and vegetables which are sold on the local market.  Growing all these products organically means a more harmonious relationship  with the environment.  This natural balance respecting all forms of biodiversity is extremely important for us.

Interview with Isidro Gómez and Cecilia Cadero

Why and when was the decision made to switch to organic agriculture?
In 2000, our youngest son Elias Gómez was diagnosed with leukemia.  Since at that time the farm was conventional and was using pesticides, we were concerned that there chemical farming practices had caused this disease.  After the news, we therefore immediately stopped using chemicals and switched to organic farming practices.

What do you see as the main benefits of organic farming practices?
This form of agriculture brings health not only for our son and everyone else who works in the field but also for the environment.  Furthermore, selling the products as organic means that we have been able to increase our income.

What do you like most about your work?
The tranquility and the fact that we are producing products that do not contaminate the earth, ourselves and other families that eat our products. We are also proud that we are able to show other farmers and future generations that farming in harmony with nature is the way forward !

What are your plans for the future?
To continue as we are doing now and in the future to set up an eco-tourism project.

What is the reason you grow the physalis in a greenhouse?
The greenhouse allows us to ensure that the physalis plants receive the right amount of water in order for them to develop in the best possible way.  The plants have their roots firmly in the soil and we do not heat the greenhouse. Furthermore we keep the windows open as much as possible, so the insects can fly in and out.  


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