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Hi, I'm Rini Hopmans and I grow organic tomatoes, cucumbers and bok choy under the transparency code of Nature & More.

Thank you for buying our vegetables and I hope you'll enjoy them!

Our greenhouse is situated in South West of the Netherlands near the beautiful and historic city of Bergen op Zoom and just next to the fascinating Brabantse Wal Nature Reserve. The reserve is best described as a sandy dune environment covered with lush forests. Next to the farm lies a smaller nature reserve area called ‘Lievensberg’. It is really beautiful but unfortunately the soil is sandy and therefore not ideal for growing vegetables. We make use of compost and manure to improve the soil fertility.  Composting is good for biodiversity in the soil and for carbon sequestration, so it benefits the climate.

Our greenhouse is split into two parts, one unit with tomatoes and one with cucumbers. Although originally my expertise lies in growing tomatoes, since I converted to organic practices I am proud to call myself a cucumber grower as well! Furthermore, we also grow organic courgettes (zucchini).


Interview with Rini Hopmans:

N&M: What is the main difference between organic and conventional growing? 
Rini: The main point is that we have to grow in the soil. Conventional has more to do with techniques and curative actions and organic with prevention and professional skills. We have to work with nature and find measures that stimulate soil fertility and resistance against plant diseases. In organic we work more preventive and we always have to take care of pests in our crops. All our workers feel that they are also responsible and we teach them to scout around the greenhouse and see the difference between pest animals and predators (natural enemies).

N&M Production in greenhouses is a very intensive and energy consuming way of production. What sustainable practices, other than your organic production, do you execute?
Rini: We delay the start of the season, so that we are not heating the greenhouse throughout the cold winter months. Furthermore we try and work with the most energy efficient equipment.


N&M: What is special about your farm?
Rini: Apart from the great location next to the wonderful nature reserve, I think it is the fact that since converting to organics we feel more like a grower than like a manager.  There is no distance between us and the workers, we do the same work and manage together. In this way we are a real family farm.

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