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Hi, my name is Samuel Nii Quarcoo and together with 40 organic growers here in Ghana, we are growing and exporting juicy organic limes. Thank you for buying our organic limes !

Although Ghana has an excellent climate and rich soils, generally speaking the farmers here are poor. Furthermore, they lack adequate knowledge in horticulture and consequently it is difficult for them to access international markets.

For this reason I helped to develop the Organic Citrus Farmers Network and also assist farmers with technical know-how about organic farming.  One of our biggest challenges is the current state of the trees. When a lime tree grows in it’s natural habitat without any interference from man, the tree produces a great deal of beautiful, large dark green leaves.  Although the leaves offer shade for the fruit they also have a direct impact on the size of the limes as, due to the lack of light in the canopy, the fruits remain smaller. We are now planning to prune the trees in order to achieve bountiful, organic orchards.  Pruning means high yields in the long run but no fruit in the short run and that is why we are grateful that customers abroad are buying  our current crop of smaller, certified organic limes.  By purchasing these limes you are directly investing in these passionate farmers who want to show that organic farming is the way forward.

Furthermore, these exports are helping to improve the livelihood and income earnings of the organic lime growers here in Ghana.


How did you become involved in Organic Farming?

I am an agronomist and was hired to conduct agronomic feasibility studies for developing irrigation schemes for small scale farmers in Ghana. During my discussions with the local growers I was shocked by their lack of knowledge regarding the harmful effects of agro-chemicals which was leading to misuse and misapplication of agro-chemicals.  Furthermore, the growers also lacked knowledge about sustainable agriculture and organic production. I therefore wanted to make a genuine difference by providing both consumers and  producers with the option of organic produce to promote healthy life and a sustainable environment. 

Why Organic ?

I believe that the world would be a better place if we can promote and conserve bio-diversity and this can only be achieved if we shift to organic agriculture. That is why I am crusading for more organic production and consumption here in Ghana.

What is your ambition with the current lime project?

During my farm visits I noticed that many citrus farmers in Ghana are poor and  have little or no access to international markets. Most of their fruit consequently rots on the trees. I therefore helped develop the Organic Citrus Farmers Network to assist farmers with technical know-how and access to these markets to help improve the livelihood and income earnings of citrus farmers in Ghana. Organic lime export from Ghana is therefore an ambitious project for us but we are confident it will be a success for everyone involved.

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