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Hello, my name is Sanjay Bansal and I am the chairman of the Ambootia group. Thank you for buying our organic Curcuma.

We are proud to grow and export this special, exceptionally healthy root vegetable. Curcuma is deeply rooted in the Indian cuisine and culture and we are therefore pleased to add fresh curcuma to our product range.

Ambootia however is particularly well known for growing premium, biodynamic and teas which we export all over the world. People say that tea runs through my blood !

My father, Mr SP Bansal, took up a job in a tea company in Assam in 1948 and I was born on the Ambootia tea estate (in the Darjeeling province) in 1961. Over the years I learned more about the tea business and as I became more knowledgeable, I realized that sustainable agriculture was the best way to guarantee high quality on the long term. In 1991 we therefore started with organic agricultural techniques. We were confident that this, for us "new method", would help us not only increase productivity but also improve quality. Furthermore, it appealed to us as an environmentally and socially responsible method of farming. Since 1984 we have been growing steadily and have never looked back!

Apart from tea and curcuma we also produce organic oranges, ginger and delicious honey.


Interview with Sanjay Bansal

What do you like best about the organic methods?

Under the organic method of farming we have been able to balance economic activity with environmental and social consciousness. We are not only happy to produce a safer product but create a healthier environment for the workers. On top of that this method, being labour intensive, has helped increase the income of the workers as well.

What have you learned since having changed to organic ?

That if we stop to listen to nature it is our best guide.

What kind of advice would you give to another grower who is interested to convert to organic?

Organic activity should not only be undertaken for short term economic gains but for the virtues of this superior method of farming. It is a low energy input system that relies on local supplies and in the long term creates a self reliant and self sustaining entity.

What else would you like to do to improve the situation of Ambootia?

To undertake more welfare programs in the area of water management. To provide greater opportunities for higher education and vocational training for the young population


What role do consumers play in your opinion to improve the situation of workers at Ambootia?

The support and appreciation of our consumers is our inspiration. They give us a purpose through which we realize our potential and in doing so maximize job satisfaction and our economic goals.

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