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Hi, my name is Yu Zhengming and I grow Organic Ginger here in Shizhuang, in the Shandong province in China. Furthermore, I run the factory where we collect, clean, sort and dry the ginger.  Thanks for buying our product !

We have been growing our ginger for more than 30 years and we are happy with our natural lifestyle here in the village, which has not changed that much over the past decades. In the big Chinese cities it is very different but in here we work in our own rhythm, organically and in harmony with nature. The whole family is involved !
What I like most about my work is working with the soil, planting, smelling the earth, working in the field.  We are proud that we are keeping the earth clean and we hope more and more farmers will join us, for the sake of the future of the planet.



N&M: Why and when did you switch to organic production ?
Yu Zhengming:  More and more people are looking at quality of life, food that people put in their mouths plays an extremely important role.  It makes much more sense to eat natural, organically grown ginger than ginger that has been grown with chemicals.  Furthermore, when my father passed on the business to us, he wanted the business to be ready for the future.  In 2010 we started preparing our business for organic production and in 2013 we received our organic certification.

N&M:  What hurdles did you have to overcome when you switched to organic production?
Yu Zhengming:  The  most difficult was the change of focus. We were used to just have a look at the ginger plant but now we are organic farmers, we need to focus on much more. For example the soil, water, the birds, animals.  Everything is interconnected when you farm in harmony with nature.

N&M: What do you see as the benefits of organic farming now?
Yu Zhengming:  Keep the environment clean and supply excellent quality, safe ginger.  Over the past years we have made some important steps forward.  One good example is the fact that we nowadays produce our own compost.

N&M: What do you like most about your work?
Yu Zhengming: We like our planting on the planet and we like the smell of the earth when you work in the field. Besides we are proud that we keep our earth clean and we hope more and more people could do it with us for our future life together.

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