Javier Moreno

Javier Moreno, Mexico

Hi, my name is Javier Moreno and I grow organic limes in the small state of Colima on the west coast of Mexico. Colima has a hot, dry climate which is perfect for the production of the famous sour Mexican Lime (limón).

I started growing the sour Mexican Lime more than thirty years ago in 1976. During the 90’s I became interested in organic cultivation and shortly afterwards decided to start producing organically.

Today we have 260ha of organic limes which we are exporting to Europe and the USA.  We are successful in growing these wonderful fruits thanks to the combination of compost, a motivated, well trained team and the dry climate of Colima.


Interview with Javier Moreno
N&M: What made you decide to change from conventional to organic?
Javier: I am concerned about the natural environment and the impact it has on our personal lives. But also for future generations; our children and grandchildren have the same right to enjoy the beauty of this planet. We need to work on the awareness of the importance of our natural environment. Therefore I want to assume my responsibility by stabilising and improving the environmental conditions in our village. I believe that this improves our living conditions too.

N&M: What are the challenges of organic production?
Javier: We are constantly trying to improve our agricultural practices. As technical support is not always readily available here in Mexico, we are keen on sharing information with other lime growers around the world. This is really inspiring and very good for our learning. We did investigate the impact of organic methods on the environment. Based on what we found, we collaborated with the University of Colima to experiment with using organic limejuice as organic fertilizer. Also with the purpose to further improve the productivity and the conditions of the soil and the crop.

N&M: What does organic production mean to your employees?
Javier: We are motivated not only by protecting the environment but also by offering a healthier life to families, employees, neighbours and the next generation. We have set up a hospital for families and relatives and the orphanage at the site. Social responsibility is our commitment to the improvement of the living conditions of our community and the people around us.

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One Cent for the Future

I would like to say “gracias” on behalf of all our workers because through your purchase you are making a direct contribution to the future of the community’s youth here in Colima. Many of our employees are Native American descendants who have never enjoyed proper education due to fact that they live in remote parts of the country. That is why we have set up a special farm school which we hope will close the opportunity gap and provide the workers and their children with a better future.  Thanks  for making a real difference! Javier.

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