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Hello, my name is Xiaoxue Li and together with my mother Conghong Chen, we grow organic leafy green vegetables in China for Nature & More. Thank you for buying our products!

Our company Beijing Organic Farm Development has high quality organic farms all over China where we grow many kinds of fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, spices, herbs and sprouts. For our farms we have selected the best locations in China near cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Yunnan, where the soil is clean and fertile. It is our ambition to provide high-quality and trustworthy organic products.

On this page we would like to introduce our organic farm which is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, in the south of China. At his farm we grow mostly cabbage varieties. Guangzhou is sitting on the beautiful Pearl River, adjacent to bustling Hong Kong. The climate in Guangzhou is mild, especially during winter, which makes it a good place to grow vegetables.

Transparency means a lot to us. If you have time, you are always welcome to visit our farms!


Interview with Xiaoxue Li

Nature & More: Xiaoxue, can you tell us something about your company?
Of course. Our company, Beijing Organic Farm Development, has selected the best locations around China to produce natural food. In China our customers can find our organic products in over 80 high quality supermarkets, such as Carrefour, Wal-mart, China Resources Vanguard, Shanghai Auchan, Pacific shopping and WuMart.

Nature & More: What organic fruit or vegetables do you produce on your farm?
Our company grows leafy vegetables such as bok-choy but also several kinds of fruits, root vegetables, spices, herbs and sprouts. Under the brand name “Organic Farm" we supply over 60 varieties of fresh vegetables, fruits and 32 kinds of grain and bean products!

Nature & More: What was the main reason for you to start with organic farming?
We are striving for a harmonious balance between production and environmental care, for the sake of planet earth and the well-being of mankind. I think consumers should choose organic in order to support organic farmers and companies. We only have one earth, therefore we should take action now.

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