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Need tips on healthy cooking? Dr. Goodfood can help!

In September 2018, Nature & More is set to launch Dr. Goodfood. In this campaign about food and health, Dutch physician Anna Kruyswijk, a.k.a. Dr. Goodfood, helps people to improve their health with original recipes. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are the main ingredient. To begin with, the campaign will feature ten unique, dedicated recipes to combat specific ailments such as colds, the flu or constipation. Dr. Goodfood also offers recipes to detox or boost your immune system. Fix yourself with food. Let's cook!

About Dr. Goodfood, Anna Kruyswijk
Every since her medical studies and during her 30 years as a general practitioner, Anna Kruyswijk has been interested on the effects of food on health. She has helped numerous patients with their diet, in the true spirit of Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine. From 2009 onwards she stopped working as a medical doctor and focused on food and health exclusively.  

Dr. Goodfood, Anna Kruyswijk

Now, together with many coalition partners, we are launching the Dr. Goodfood platform to spread her knowledge and help people to use the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables to the max. The website,, offers several foodfixes, from controlling your cholesterol to detoxing your live or fighting off a cold.

Dr. Goodfood was initiated by Eosta / Nature & More together with Anna "Dr. Goodfood" Kruyswijk and dietician Steffi Haazen. Let's see if we can reduce the pills by increasing the pears and peppers! 

Check out the Dr. Goodfood website
Check out the best recipes by Dr. Goodfood and have a look on!  

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The Dr. Goodfood campaign is in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good health and well-being.

Anna Kruyswijk, author of Eenvoudig gezonda.k.a. Dr. Goodfood.

Steffi Haazen, dietician and founder of Zuiver Eten.

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