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Nature & More introduces: Wild Wonders

Wild Wonders is a range of unforgettable "forgotten" vegetables. Meet the growers and discover the original taste of nature!

About Wild Wonders

Wild Wonders may be distinguished by their unusual shapes, fascinating colours and original taste. They comprise of old, traditional varieties which have stood the test of time. Apart from being delicious and looking spectacular, they also make an excellent conversation piece, illustrating the value of biodiversity.

Meet Fons Verbeek

Hi, my name is Fons Verbeek, and together with my brothers I grow organic „Taste Wonders“- vine Tomatoes for Nature & More. Organic cultivation is done on soil, not on rock wool.No chemical insecticides, herbicides or fertilizer are used. To keep the soil healthy and fertile, we apply high quality compost that we produce ourselves and rotate our crops regularly. Here's the direct link to my page! (code 166)

Meet Frank de Koning

Hi, I am Frank de Koning and I grow Wild Wonder Tomatoes. I see organic farming as a challenge to achieve the same production quantity as conventional, but with a better quality and particularly a better taste. I hope that this will also provide me with a better economic return. It is also more enjoyable to grow on real soil instead of rock wool and make use of compost and beneficial plants and insects instead of having to rely on chemical products. Here is the direct link to my site (Code 179)

Meet Gianfranco

Hi, I am Gianfranco Cunsolo and we I grow the wild wonder tomatoe mix for Nature and More! "When the season in Holland comes to an end, I take over here in Vittoria, Sicily. The "wild tomatoes" are best described as a broad assortment of small sized, very tasty and colourful tomato varieties, packed in a 200g tray or 3kg carton. I grow around 16 different varieties of tomatoes. Some of them have great names like Snowberry, Red Zebra, Yellow Pear, Brownberry and Santorange! My favourites are the the Yellow Pear, because of its beautiful colour and fresh taste. I use this myself for salads, because it gives the dish a lot of extra taste and colour. I am also very fond of my Caprese tomatoes ideal for one of our most famous recipes Caprese Siciliana (tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil)!" Here is the direct link to my page! (code 548).

Meet Krispijn van den Dries

Hi, my name is Krispijn van den Dries and I am a biodynamic farmer based in the northwest part of The Netherlands.“We are an organic farm, but we are also a care farm. Basically, this is a place where people with a handicap and come and work. We work with people who have an intellectual or psychological challenge. The oldest is 72, the youngest 16. Our biodiverse, organic farm is very well fitted to give all these people a happier and more meaningful existence. We have two pigs, a farm shop, a flower garden, a little greenhouse: all these different functions of our farm help us to find an enjoyable job for each of our clients year-round.” Here is the direct link to my site! (Code 444)

Meet Francis Kestemont

Hallo, my name  is Francis Kestemont and I grow organic Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes. I started  organic farming back in 1982 in this beautiful region near Brussels called Pajottenland.  What makes us so special is that we grow more than 30 different organic products here.  That is not only good news for our customers but also for the soil. By rotating our crops we allow the soil to rest and revitalise. Furthermore, we recently installed a whole lot of solar panels that cover around 30% of our energy need. Here is the direct link to my site! (Code 478)

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The Sustainability Flower

The Sustainability Flower is the core of our business. Every Nature & More grower has a personal Sustainability Flower. It points the way to a greener and more social economy. More info here.