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Save Our Soils

Nature & More established the Save our Soils campaign in 2013 in order to raise awareness about the importance of soil as this is arguably the world’s most important yet neglected resource. The campaign reached its peak in 2015, the International Year of Soils. Soils remain one of the most important sustainability challenges in the years to come, so we continue to provide information on this major issue.

The Soil Problem
According to the United Nations every minute, the equivalent of 30 soccer fields of soil are lost, mostly due to irresponsible farming techniques. This causes hunger, speeds up climate change and threatens our ability to feed the world. Considering that 99.7% of our food comes directly form the soil, we need to turn the tide. The Soil is the Limit!

Organic, sustainable farming  = the Soilution
Organic farmers understand that without healthy soils, it is impossible to grow healthy, delicious products. Furthermore these organic heroes help to:

  • restore degraded soils
  • reduce carbon emissions by sequestering carbon in soils
  • reduce erosion
  • improve drought & flooding resistance

Other forms of agriculture that build soils include agroecology, permaculture, agroforestry and low or no tillage farming.

More than 200 partners
The campaign is not just about informing people about the problem and soilution but also to engage them to stand up for soil. Through a wide network of hundreds of organizations and "soilmates" we are continuously putting soil on the agenda and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Here's Julia Roberts supporting our cause:

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212.252 Europeans are asking the EU to protect its soils

Europe still doesn't have legislation to protect its fertile soils. Without healthy, living soils the future for mankind looks very bleak. Through the citizens initiative People4Soil, 212.252 European citizens requested the EU in 2017 to implement soil legislation, in order to protect soils for the future.

The Sustainability Flower

The Sustainability Flower is the core of our business. Every Nature & More grower has a personal Sustainability Flower. It points the way to a greener and more social economy. More info here.