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Nature & More presents: Tropical Wonders


The Tropical Wonders range of Nature & More was launched in 2014 as a new selection of delicious exotic organic fruits and vegetables from around the globe. Meet the growers behind our Tropical Wonders here!


Purple Passion fruit

It might not be among the prettiest fruits out there, but they are super delicious and provide a wonderful tropical flavour in a wide variety of dishes. Sweet passion fruits should be wrinkly when you eat them because it means they're ripe!



Ataulfo Mango

Sweet and creamy mango with a buttery texture, once you’ve tasted the rich aromatic Ataulfo mango you are hooked! 



A pomegranate is a sweet, healthy, delicious fruit that is great in juices, smoothies, salads or just like that. Pomegranates are full of anti-oxidants. An easy way to enjoy a pomegranate is to cut it in half and squeeze out the deep red juice using a juicer.



Curcuma is the original Health Wonder among the root vegetables. Not only does it provide a wonderful aroma and bright yellow colour to your dishes, but it is also known as one of the healthiest foods around. Wonderful in curry’s, soups, or Golden Milk.



Passion fruit comes in three varieties: the purple original, the orange granadilla and the bright yellow maracuja, which is the biggest and juiciest. Our Pronatur farmers are taking care of approximately 50,000 ha of (mainly endangered) Amazon rainforest!



The orange granadilla has a sweet and sour flavour and belongs to the family of passion fruits, along with the yellow maracuja and the traditional purple passion fruit. Granadilla is commonly eaten by itself. However, it makes a wonderful jelly, pie filling or cake frosting. Seeds with the surrounding juice sacs are also often added to fruit salads.


Citrus Caviar

Have you heard of Citrus Kaviar, Citrus Caviar, Sudachi and Yuzu lemons, Kaffir limes, Buddha’s Hand, Wekiwa, Meyer lemons or Kumquat Meiwa before? Discover the delights of biodiversity in citrus!


Yellow Pitahaya

Wonderful sweet exotic fruit that can be used for a wide range of juices, desserts and much more! The fruit has a sweet flavour, sweeter than the red pitahaya and tastes a little like a melon.


Papaya “Solo”

Papaya is a big tropical fruit originating from Central America and now grown all around the world. Green or yellow on the outside The orange meat is sweet and has little acidity. Lemon or lime juice is great to enhance the taste. Apart from eating it fresh, it’s also great in salads and marinades (it contains an enzyme that breaks down protein so it tenderizes meats). The seeds have a peppery taste and can be eaten in savoury dishes.




The mangosteen is originally from Southeast Asia. When you cut the fruit in half you find the delicious white flesh which tastes a bit like a lychee or a peach. You can brew tea of the rind of the mangosteen which contains a lot of vitamins.


Lemongrass gives a wonderful lemony aroma to dishes without making them sour. It’s great in stir-fry, stews, Thai cuisine or tea. In addition to its culinary usage, lemongrass offers a wide array of medicinal benefits and is in extensive demand due to its antimicrobial properties across Southeast Asia, as well as the African and American continents.


Edward Mango

This sweet, luscious fruit originated there more than 4000 years ago in India. They are wonderful when eaten fresh, but also great in smoothies, salsa’s, deserts or African guacamole. Kent, Amelie, Tommy and Keitt are some of the varieties that are grown organically.


The golden physalis berry is also known as the Cape gooseberry, but it is actually a member of the nightshade family; so it's more closely related to the tomato than to the real gooseberry.



Our organic dates are not sweetened artificially. Dates are the traditional token of hospitality in the middle east. They contain a lot of fibre and phytonutrients. Our dried organic Medjool dates are considered the king of dates, while the fresh yellow Barhi dates are a special treat for the connoisseur; you can eat them in different stages of ripeness.



Organic ginger is perfect for making ginger tea and in Asian cooking. In recent years fresh ginger has become very popular. In China it’s traditionally considered a very healthy spice, increasing the “chi” or life energy. That’s why we call it a Health Wonder.


The taste of a ripe, fresh organic pineapple from Costa Rica is fantastic. Like John from the UK mailed us: "We both agreed that it was the best pineapple we had ever eaten."

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