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Hi, my name is Easton Marsch and I grow organic grapes and blueberries for Nature & More in western South-Africa, near the town of Saron. Our farm is called Lushof and I'm the farm manager.

I live here together with my wife and my two children. As a little boy I already dreamt of being a farmer, but in the days of apartheid that was unthinkable for someone with my skin colour. My father was a truck driver at Lushof then and my mother helped packing tomatoes. As a toddler I used to play with the children of the white owner, that was normal. But when we got older, the apartheid system separated us. Because farming wasn't allowed, I went to study commerce, and developed myself. Only when my father died, did I meet my former playmate again. We had a good conversation and I told him agriculture had always been my passion. He then decided to give me a chance and appointed me as a farm manager at Lushof. So I came to follow my vocation. I love working with the soil and hope everyone will enjoy our healthy and tasty fruits. I think soil is just a blessing for us. We must treat it with compassion and look after the earth. Because if we look after the earth, she will look after us. She has been doing so for generations!"

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N&M: Why and when did you go organic?

We felt that there was a need for Organically grown fruit. It was also a good opportunity to stand out from the rest of the producers around us. The farms has now been Organically certified for the past 6 years.

N&M:  How has the relationship evolved over time? 
"I soon realized that they knew pretty well what to do, but could not explain to me why. I kept asking and eventually found out and understood the reasons. They had to have faith in me.  Now after 6 years, they can come to me and I can teach them not only what to do, but also why to do something in a particular manner." 

N&M:  Has this experience changed your management style?  
"Yes, in previous times, workers were just told to “do this”.  I make it a point to explain what we are going to do and especially why it has to be done that way, so that people can learn the reasons behind each task and understand the bigger picture. My challenge today is to educate, educate, educate.  Ultimately, this helps our people to develop and do a better quality job." 

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