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The Chilean farmers Daniel and Fabian started to grow organic lemons in 2011, in a beautiful valley two hours south of the capital Santiago. Since studying organic agriculture in college, Daniel was convinced that this form of agriculture was not only future proof .. it just felt right. The two friends started growing organic avocadoes and in 2008 they moved to lemons. Consequently they were one of the first in Chili to export organic lemons.


The employees of Daniel and Fabian enjoy their work in the orchards, which results in a low turnover rate of their employees. Daniel: “Our orchard is very important for the local economy. People come to me all the time, asking for work. They especially like the fact that we don’t work with chemicals.”

Safety at work is a major focus point for Daniel and Fabian: “The use of agro-chemicals is a big issue in this part of Chile. Recently a television report pointed out that a disproportionately high number of children is born malformed. They were linking this to the use of pesticides. Unfortunately there isn’t much organic cultivation in this region yet. We are hoping to make a change in the life of our farmworkers and be an inspiration for others to grow organic’’.

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To learn more about this grower click here.

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