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Hi, we are James Weru and Antony Igogo from FTE Organics and we supply organic avocado’s from the rich Kenyan soils. 

We set up FTE because we wanted to give motivated Kenyan farmers access to foreign markets and consequently raise their income.  Although our journey continues we are proud that we are currently working with more than 1200 growers.

We specifically chose organic agriculture because of strong our desire to build up a sustainable business. As most people are aware off,  chemicals destroy the soil which is detrimental not only for the environment but also for the farmer.  Furthermore the chemicals were not living up to their expectations as the yield increase for many was marginal.  Ecologically and economically this business model couldn’t last long. Organic was therefore the only way to help our farmers maintain a healthy, sustainable life, the ability to be able to earn a well deserved income and at the same time a clean environment. This to us, is a sustainable business.

Our growers are mostly based in the Mount Kenya region and most of them have around 2 acres of land. On this land they have around 10 avocado trees and also other vegetables for home consumption. The greatest challenge we face together with our growers, is the fact that the average grower is about 63 years old with no sign of younger family members willing to take over. As a result, we are also starting programs to get more young people involved in the wonderful world of organic agriculture. Through our initiative  we do our best to show them available opportunities and also train them on agricultural practices that will get them engaged.

We are a partner of Tru-trade and therefore use their tools for ensuring transparency and fair payment of our growers and also our employees. Through this platform we also have a forum where market stakeholders and farmers can freely interact.


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