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Krispijn - Life below water

Krispijn grows a wide range of products in the Noordoost polder in the Netherlands. He specializes in colourful and rare varieties like purple and yellow carrots, wild potatoes, multi-colored beets, horseradish and other culinary varieties.


This area of the Netherlands used to be part of the ‘Zuider’ Sea, until 1942, when the polder was drained. In the fertile clay ground of the polder, it’s possible to grow nearly everything. Like other organic farmers, Krispijn takes good care of the soil as they claim: ‘‘Without healthy soil there are no farmers and without farmers there is no food”!

Krispijn illustrates how organic farming methods keeps the water below and around their fields healthy:“Generally speaking we receive ample rainfall in this part of The Netherlands,- so water supply isn’t really an issue. In addition, due to the sandy soil and the way we manage it, we have created an effective drainage system, meaning that our fields won’t flood. One of the biggest headaches for the local water authorities is that due to conventional farming practices, the rain run-off is often polluted with artificial fertilizers and pesticides polluting the whole water system. Since we do not use these harmful products we are helping to keep the water below and around our fields healthy. There is no pollution and the clayey soil and green cover prevent washing out of nutrients. Because the soil is so healthy, it therefore has excellent water holding properties”.

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To learn more about this grower click here.

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