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The three brothers Fons, Leo en Jac Verbeek grow organic tomatoes and other vegetables in their greenhouses. Their business is located in the Maas Valley in the South East of The Netherlands, close to the border with Germany. It’s a beautiful area with a varied landscape including forests, moors, streams, swamps and rivers. They work together with nature according to a tailor made ‘nature plan’, that includes the natural life in and around the greenhouse:


Producing organic means using soil, not rock wool as is used in the production of conventional greenhouse vegetables. No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are applied, which is beneficial for soil biodiversity. More importantly though, the Verbeek brothers make their own compost out of green waste, using the latest technologies. This has a lot of positive effects the structure and water management of the soil is improved, biodiversity is increased, and the soil becomes very fertile. As compost is also known for increasing carbon sequestration in the soil, it’s beneficial for the climate too.

The brothers Fons, Jac and Leo, like many other organic farmers around the world don’t experience water as just an input into the agricultural cycle, but as a vital resource that must be protected and enhanced through careful management. Being based in The Netherlands, lack of water is seldom a problem. The drained water that is collected from the greenhouses flows into a small neighbouring stream and runs into the adjoining nature reserve. As chemicals are not part of their farming methods the surrounding waters won’t be polluted

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To learn more about this grower click here.

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