Open source website to support Global Sustainable Farming Practices

In a rapidly changing world this practical and easy-to-use website will help farmers around the globe tackle the most important organic farming challenges. 

Eosta, an organic fruit and vegetable specialist, and Soil & More Impacts, a team of sustainability specialized agronomists, have jointly launched an attractive website to help growers combat global farming challenges in a sustainable way.

Today, more than ever, farmers around the world are being confronted with the consequences of a changing climate. Experts agree that the answer to these serious challenges is sustainable, climate-smart agriculture. Although there is already lots of data available about this subject, up until now there has not been one place where farmers can get easy-to-use and practical tips. This is why the Farming & More open-source platform was developed.

Soil & More CEO Tobias Bandel explains: “Today’s agricultural challenges tend to appear complex and overwhelming, which makes implementing change rather difficult. The good news is that there are a few key farming practices that can help to tackle some of these challenges. We have used existing knowledge and data to put together practical and user-friendly video’s and information sheets, which can also be tested through an online exam.”

Volkert Engelsman, the CEO of Eosta, adds: “Our growers are the backbone of our business and together with the experts from Soil & More Impacts we have been supporting them whenever we can. Through the Farming & More website we can reach more organic heroes directly and that is not only good news for the Nature & More growers but for the entire global sustainable farming community.

The Farming & More website is open-source, thus available to everyone, and highlights the best practices for sustainable farming including video courses on:

•             Composting and Biomass Management

•             Cover crops & Mulch Management

•             Production of Compost Tea

•             Controlling Erosion

•             Biological control of pests and diseases

•             Crop Rotation & Tillage


Visit for more information and access to the courses, posters, video’s and other material.

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