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How does Nature & More provide transparency?

Nature & More distributes fresh organic fruits & vegetables from all over the world, with the name and story of the farmer and detailed information about production. Using internet, the consumer can look up the unique origin of the product he buys. Nature & More offers consumers an insight into many aspects of sustainability that are usually lost in the market place, empowering citizens to make a well-considered buying decision.

Core values

The Nature & More system and trademark was developed by mother company Eosta. Eosta's core values are: Responsibility, Togetherness and Authenticity. As a company Eosta aims to deliver socially responsible results, together with all partners in the chain, from farmer to civilian. And it aims to do so in an authentic way, involving everyone's unique identity. More information about the core values can be found here.   

Nature & More

Every Nature & More product has a sticker or label with a unique code. If you feed this code to the homepage, you will gain acces to the producer of the food you bought. The grower page will not only have information about the person of the grower, but also about ecological and social aspects of his work. How does he or she protect the soil and nature? Does he or she treat his employees well? Does the grower contribute to the development of his community? By making this information available, Nature & More wishes to lift the product out of anonymity and above the ordinary price war. 

Nature & More wishes to lift the product out of anonymity and above the ordinary price war.

The Sustainability Flower

The Sustainability Flower is a simple, multicoloured navigation instrument. For every Nature & More grower you can gain a fast overview of the grower's intentions and achievements in nine aspect of sustainability, including energy use, protection of wildlife and fair trade. The Sustainability Flower was developed by an international group of organic pioneers. Please find more information here.

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