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Biostee is a collaborative project consisting of three organic farms in South-Beijerland, in the Dutch province of ‘Zuid Holland’. As the Biostee farms are situated at close distance to the North sea, the land consists of marine clay and is perfect for the cultivation of their crops.


Ard illustrates their way of farming as healthy and sustainable: “we work the soil as our parents did, yet we are avoiding the pitfall of using more chemicals in order to survive in the battle against decreasing prices. Farmers have families and require an income, and it is quite understandable that many colleagues are afraid to step out of the chemical circle. As organic growers, we don’t use any genetically engineered seeds or crops. This helps ensure a natural and fertile environment for plants. As a result, we have immense diversity on our fields and even sow flower seeds into the borders of our land. I am proud to see barn owls in the attic that love to hunt our organic field mice. The soil and natural environment stay healthy and it results in great products’’.

The fields of Biostee are just behind the Dutch dikes and a simple phone call to the district water board is enough to have them adjust the groundwater level to ensure the farms have sufficient water: Ard comments: “This is useful but also a responsibility: if we were to pollute the water here, it would flow straight through the river and into the sea. Organic farming does not involve fertilisers or pesticides flowing into the environment”

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To learn more about this grower click here.

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