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Olá, I am Brígida and the founder of Naturalcrop. Together with my family and my fantastic team we grow delicious organic butternut squash for Nature & More in the heart of Portugal. Hereby we would like to tell you some more about us and our organic products. We are an organic family farm and started this journey out of our desire to contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment.

We set ourselves the goal of improving the quality of our food and supporting the people in rural nearby areas. Our farm is located near the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park, allowing us to benefit from a very specific micro climate with both Atlantic and Mediterranean characteristics. This provides warmth to our plants when they need it and gives them a special, delicious flavour. We are surrounded by forests and are lucky to be in an area protected by law, due to its biodiversity. Since 2012, the very beginning of our butternut squash journey, we have only used organic and biodynamic practices. We believe that when we take care of nature, she gives back and takes care of us. The rich and dark soil of our land is the soul of our farm. It provides a naturally disease free environment, which allows us to avoid the use of pesticides and fertilizers used by conventional farmers. The soil supplies our organic butternut pumpkins with nutrients, making them tasty, very colourful and long-lasting.

Nature´s soil and our labour have allowed us to make our customers happy and keeps them returning for more, year after year. Our colleagues and employees enjoy their work and can actively contribute to a healthier natural habitat. For the future we plan to deepen our biodynamic practices and experiment further with different techniques that could benefit our plants and the people eating our colourful pumpkins.

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