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Eddie Redelinghuys - Climate action

Eddie Redelinghuys and his team grow green, red and black organic grapes in Paarl, near the city of Cape Town. Besides growing grapes, they also produce compost under the name Reliance Compost. Eddie and his family have been growing grapes in this region for more than a hundred years. Back in the 90s, the family started to realize that chemical pesticides couldn’t resolve the problems they had with plagues and diseases, and so they started to think about other options, which led to organic farming practices.


According to Eddie, some of the biggest environmental problems South Africa has to face, are the lack of fertile land, soil degradation, and pollution of its rivers and groundwater. One of the main factors causing these problems is the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pest and disease control agents. Eddie explains: ‘‘As a country we need to move away from our dependence on chemicals and move much more towards a natural manner of feeding the soil and subsequently our crops. The solution is high quality organic compost. Our garden refuse is collected monthly on 10 conveniently placed drop-off facilities and landfills around the City of Cape Town. Our green waste is not only the main input for out compost but by using it we are helping to solve a serious environmental issue. We have kept over 10,000,000 m3 of green garden refuse out of already overcrowded landfills since contracting with the city more than a decade ago. This resulted in reducing over 500 000 tons of carbon dioxide gas escaping into the atmosphere, thus mitigating the impacts caused by climate change”. Eddie proudly adds that their composting technology has been approved by Credible Carbon as a greenhouse gas emission reduction method.

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