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Gabrielle - Clean water and sanitation

The Costa Rican cooperation Coopeassa was founded in 1984 when 20 local producers decided to work closely together to improve the living environments of their families. Due to a serious deforestation crisis that Costa Rica was facing in the 90’s, a special international project was set up to reforest the area with indigenous trees. The cooperative got involved and from then on, any project that was being conducted had to always carry the environmental component. The first developments towards organic farming practices started in 2007 and in 2010 the cooperative started producing and roasting organic coffee beans.


Due to the fact that the Coopeassa farmers work in a rich biodiverse farming system they are also directly and indirectly preserving water: “Agroforestry helps water systems to regenerate and keep water retention’’’, Gabriela explains. The cooperative doesn’t make use of any irrigation system as they receive enough rain to cultivate their crops. Due to the fact that no residues or artificial fertilizers are being used, the water in the creeks and rivers is far better protected compared to the water supply near conventional farms. In addition, this way of working allows for a higher organic matter content in the soil, which absorbs and keeps water from flowing away’’.

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