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Hello, my name is Ihab Sharaf and together with a fantastic team we grow organic sweet potatoes for Nature&More in Egypt. Thank you for buying our products!

After realizing there’s a growing demand for organic products, we started our own organic production with over 40 hectare of sweet potatoes and green beans. We are currently expanding into producing more varieties.

Interview with Ihab

N&M: Can you tell something about the region where your farm is located?
Our farm is situated within a new reclaimed area where lots of efforts are being done to turn dessert land into productive farms for the wellbeing of local communities.

N&M: What products do you grow and what’s special about your products?
We currently grow sweet potatoes and green beans, and we will be adding ginger and other varieties this year. All our varieties are well chosen to match our environment and the demands of our clients.

N&M: Why and when did you go organic?
Our organic production started in 2018. After 3 years of conventional growing, we realized that new methods are needed to improve farming practices and the quality of agriculture in Egypt in general.

N&M: What do you see as the benefits of organic farming now?
Organic farming is important for sustainable production, it is environment- friendly and a healthier choice when it comes to food. Furthermore, organic farming also contributes to a more equitable distribution of incomes.

N&M:  What do you like most about your work?
I like making a positive change in people’s lives, including a better work environment for our employees and farmers. With the introduction of new ideas, methods and products related to organic practices, I believe organic production should be the future everywhere, including Egypt.

N&M: Do you have any special plans for the (sustainable) future that you can tell us about?
We are expanding our production into 3 more sites, using our farms as training ground for conventional producers interested in organic farming, giving expert advice to farmers looking to join our organic production movement in Egypt.

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  • 2 months 1 week ago

    Feed your kids man before you grow lands .. pay to grow your kids .. they are hungry , homeless and lonely. You grow plants and kill humans ??

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Feed your kids man before you grow lands .. pay to grow your kids .. they are hungry , homeless and lonely. You grow plants and kill humans ??

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