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It is a well-known fact that organic farmers choose to farm as much as possible in harmony with nature. It therefore comes as no surprise that organic farms have much more biodiversity in and around the farms compared to their non organic counterparts. A natural biodiversity helps keep things balanced and therefore makes it possible to farm without harmful pesticides, fungicides and herbicides and artificial fertilizers. 


Johannes de Lange manages Blue Crane, South Africa’s major supplier of organic citrus. Johannes: “Here in Kirkwood we have two bee keepers, they love Blue crane orchards because the bees produce more honey and above all are safe as no chemical are sprayed here.  Interestingly enough, some bee populations refuse to enter the orchards of conventional citrus growers in Kirkwood. When you wonder through our organic orchards there is lot more life than just bees. We regularly spot rabbits, guinea fowl, other birds, snakes, and even baboons.  I am also happy to report that due to our bat houses we see a lot of them. This is good for us as bats eat a tremendous amount of insects (around 600 per night) particularly moths and this is great news for us because the baby caterpillars are bad news for our trees”. 

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To learn more about this grower click here.

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