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Hi, my name is Paul Riera and I am the Co-Founder of Tierra Orgánica. The organic company has been founded 2 years ago between me and my Agriculture Engineer friend at the Ecuadorian coast region.

Me and my companion are both passionate for social-economic development and environmental sustainability. We decided to found Tierra Orgánica after a deep research on the reality of farmers in our country. During this investigation, we found out that there are some big problems every small farmer has. Such as a lack of facilities to get nursery gardens, no technical advice in organic production for small farmers, a too long supply chain from the farmer to the final customer which leads to very low prices for the farmers products etc.

We as Tierra Orgánica decided to create an education project which aims to develop people in economic and social aspects as they produce organic fruits with our support. We manage our own nursery gardens, and sign contracts securing the buy of their fruit with baseline prices for their organic certified products. We manage the first organic-group certification in fruits different than bananas in Ecuador. 

Our project started just one year after a huge earthquake hit Ecuador in 2016. With Tierra Orgánica we are working on giving new opportunities to our farmers to restore their lives after this disaster.

Interview with Paul

N&M: What products do you grow and what’s special about your products? 
Paul: For the moment we are focusing on exotic organics. Our three main products are small yellow pitahaya, yellow passion fruit and plantain. What is special about our products is that they are produced in a regenerative and artisanal way by small producers. By producing food this way, you increase biodiversity, you enrich soils and improve watersheds, while capturing carbon in soils. Our farmers work by hand and the products are 100% organic. When you eat one of our products, you should know that you are supporting organic production in our region and you’re helping our goal to develop people through organic production.

N&M: What motivated you to begin a business with organic products?
Paul: We are what we eat. If you eat clean and natural products, your mind and body will be grateful. This way we can help the small farmers who produce certified biological products. We give them the assurance of the market and a shorter value chain. We find it very important that the farmers get paid a fair price for their products and to promote biological farming in our country.

N&M: What do you like most about your work?
Paul: The people. The people we work with are amazing and it is so valuable to see them overcome difficult times and learn from mistakes. We mainly work with poor people who haven’t had much education so it’s our job to educate them in growing organic fruits. We want to fulfill their wishes and work with them for a very long time to come.

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