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Pia Maria - Good health and wellbeing

When farmers switch to organic farming the motivation to do so is not just a financial decision but often also a personal one. 


At the Costa Rican farm of Pia Gamboa they grow a wide range of products including organic physalis, corn, beans, broccoli and onions. Growing all these products organically means a more harmonious relationship with the environment and with nature in general. Pia explains that back in 2000, her youngest son Elias Gómez was diagnosed with leukemia: ‘’At that time the farm was used for conventional farming practices and we were using pesticides. We were really concerned that these chemical methods had caused this disease. After the diagnosis, we therefore immediately stopped using chemicals and switched to organic farming practices. This way of practicing agriculture brings health; not only for our son but everyone else who works in the field and in the production line‘’

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To learn more about this grower click here.

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