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Citrus caviar & more

Have you heard of Citrus Kaviar, Citrus Caviar, Sudachi and Yuzu lemons, Kaffir limes, Buddha’s Hand, Wekiwa, Meyer lemons or Kumquat Meiwa before? Discover the delights of biodiversity in citrus!

Some interestic facts 

  • Citrus caviar is also known as finger lime
  • They contain shiny granules that look like pearls which burst open in your mouth and deliver a flavor blast!
  • Citrus caviar originally comes from Australia and was eaten by Aboriginal people
  • Citrus caviar is always ready to eat. They are harvested when mature.
  • They are best stored in the fridge.
  • If you cut them in half, the aromatic pearls come out already.
  • They are the perfect garnish with salads, smoked salmon and sour cream or other dishes with fish

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