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Hi, I'm Gabriele Farinelli and together with my business partner Alexander we grow organic kiwi’s in the Lazio region in the heart of Italy. Our company is called Agricollibio. Thank you for buying our organic fruit!

Because of the excellent climate and the rich soils in this region, this area is known as the heart of the Italian kiwi. Agricollibio was established in 2011 when Alexander and I decided that it makes sense to combine my practical experience with Alexander''s ideas as to where the future of the market lies. Over the past years the company has grown and we now supply not only kiwis and yellow kiwis but also other organic fruits and vegetables. The soil on this farm has been organic for more than 35 years so for us there have never been a transition from conventional to organic agriculture. The most important thing is that we get a great response from our plants as well as from our customers.

We believe that organic is the future! For too long, nature has been exploited for the benefit of man.  On the positive side, in recent years this exploitation is slowing down and making room for a much more respectful relationship between man and the environment. If we want to stay healthy than nature is the first thing that must be protected.  In the coming years we expect the demand for organic products to grow and in the long run everyone will be growing food the way it should be!


Interview with Gabriele Farinelli

What is the ideal climate for a kiwi?

The ideal climate is a temperate climate where temperatures do not fall below 0. It is very important that the plants don’t freeze.  Furthermore we need ample rain and of course the warm Italian sun.

What about the Soil?

The soil must be healthy and full of life and particularly rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

What difficulties did you encounter when you became and organic farmer?

Our soil has been organic for 35 years so for us there was not a real transition from conventional to organic farming . We can say that we have never encountered any particular obstacles

What do you love most about your work?

The satisfaction we get from the healthy, vibrant plants and the feedback from our customers.

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