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We supply healthy, fair, organic fresh fruit and vegetables around the world. Through this transparency system you can find out who the farmers and growers behind your organic products are, and where they live. We also show you the grower’s farming approach and their impact on planet and people.

In this case you typed the code 123:

This is our generic code, which we use as an introduction. But if we have the option, we will always put a unique 3 digit grower code on our products. Although it’s not always possible, we try to be creative about it (and environmentally friendly). Here are some examples:


Pineapple: with a pepper label attached to the crown (grower 763) Andres Nuñez 


Mango: Natural Branding code (grower 120) Jan Bernard


Papaya: with a sticker on the fruit (grower 725) Kwadwo Inkoom


Pears: corner card (grower 313) Hugo Sanchez


Grapes: paper bag (grower 260) Eddie Redelinghuys


Mango: corner card (grower 565) Zongo Adama


Physalis: on the sustainable cardboard punnet (grower 190) Johan Beckers


Avocado: on the box or Natural Branding (grower 305) Anthony Ngugi


Dates: specially designed sustainable punnet (code is on the side) (grower 395) Kara Connor


Lemongrass: on an environmentally friendly sugarcane paper wrap (grower 765) Lilian Anguparu


Kiwis: on the box used to supply the oranges (grower 578) Gerasimos Karantinos


Sweet potato: on the box, or Natural Branding (laser) on the peel  (grower 175) Agueda and Rodolfo

and many more!

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No sustainability without transparency

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The Sustainability Flower is an elegant model we use to measure, manage, monetise and market the impact of our growers. Find out more.

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