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Hi, my name is Kwadwo Inkoom and I am the founder of M.G. Farms Ltd from Ghana. Thank you for buying our tasty organic papayas.

We started our company in 1998. Back then we were growing cabbage and selling it on the local markets. As prices for cabbage were too low, it was not cost effective. That is why we started growing Papaya Solo in 1999 on 2 acres in the central region of Ghana. Quite soon, M.G. Farms was able to start its own export. However, the climate in the central region was not ideal for growing papayas so we decided to move to the eastern region of Ghana. This turned out to be a very good decision as the temperatures and the rain pattern are more suitable for growing papayas. Today, M.G. Farms owns 100 acres of land which is used for growing papayas. In 2015 we started using 26,5 acres for organic agriculture as we noticed that conventional farming is not that good for the habitat, the soil and also the animals living here due to the use of fertilizers and herbicides. We asked ourselves a few times what we could do about it and then decided to start organic papaya farming. Now we are excited to have our first organic papaya yield in September 2016.


What products do you grow and what’s special about your products?
We mainly grow Papaya Solo and also some cassava, maize and plantains for the local market. A good papaya has many minerals and is very healthy for your skin and body. It is very good to protect your stomach and it also improves digestion. In case of stomach or digestion problems we recommend to eat the seeds of the papaya. If you do not like to eat them, you could also make a papaya smoothie and simply blend in the seeds. We also do that a lot as the seeds are killing 5 different types of worms.

What is important when growing Papaya Solo?
To get a healthy and tasteful Papaya Solo the fruit has to get all the nutrition from the soil. So it is important to have good soil which is not poisoned by fertilizers or washed out by the rain. However, most important is the weed control. That was one of our biggest hurdles which we had to overcome when switching from conventional to organic agriculture. To handle all the weed we need 75% more manpower than for conventional papaya growing. Of course we are doing lots of research and investigations to improve this.

What are your plans for the future?
At the moment we get all the water we need for the plants from the rain. However, we are now building a dam in order to get irrigation and to be less dependent on rainfall. The irrigation can then help us to grow cover crops to prevent the weeds from growing. By doing that the 75% more labor that it takes us to get control over the weed can then be used to generate some additional income by growing and selling these cover crops.

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Bought your papayas at a market in Dublin, Ireland and we are very excited to try them. Thank you!

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