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Hi my name is Rogelio Moreno Salas and I am the Director of Aguacates Azteca. Thanks for buying our organic avocado’s !

Aguacates Azteca is a Mexican family business focussed on the production of organic avocado and social responsibility.  We have been growing the hass avocado variety since 1996 in the Avocado State of Michoacan. 10 years after setting up, we wanted to expand and moved south to a community called El Aguaje. It was exciting as we were the first avocado farmers in the region.

Around 2010, the founder of the company decided to rename our business “Aguacates Azteca” in order to honor our ancestors who have left us this amazing fruit that today has transcended global borders.  In 2011 we decided to stop applying chemicals to the crop in order to take care of the health of consumers and workers, and at the same time to help preserve, respect and care for the environment.

Interview with Rogelio

What do you see now as the benefits of organic agriculture?
Organic fruit does not provide the consumers with toxins. Furthermore, it provides more nutrients and is healthier.

What do you like most about your work?
The avocado is a very noble fruit, it fascinates me to be in the field and bring healthy and quality food to people.  What I am also proud of, is the fact that most of our trees come from our own plant nursery, called a vivero in Spanish.

What does Aguacates Azteca stand for ?
At Aguacates Azteca we care about the quality of life, wellbeing and happiness of our workers so that together with dedication and effort we can supply the best organic avocados to our consumers around the world. The values that drive us are social, environmental responsibility, respect, honesty and perseverance.


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